Virtual Behavioral Health & Opioid Addiction Treatment “We are your Digital Front Door for healing with assessment, triage and treatment – anywhere and anytime” FOR INDIVIDUALS FOR ORGANIZATIONS

Virtual Behavioral Health & Opioid Addiction Treatment

We are your Digital Front Door for healing with assessment, triage and treatment – anywhere and anytime.

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Your Digital Front Door to Addiction Treatment

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FOR ORGANIZATIONS – We create an integrated care model for your organizations by coordinating behavioral health and addiction care needs. Services for Organizations FOR INDIVIDUALS – We provide a virtual suite of tailorable treatment options for your intended outcome. Services for Individuals

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We leverage pre-existing channels of care with high utilization patterns to enhance patient and provider outcomes through behavioral health awareness, acceptance & action. Our Program Services include behavioral health assessments, diagnosis, medication management, individual therapy as well as recovery coaching & opiate treatment. Get Started Today
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Program Services

A comprehensive recovery program including medication therapy and counseling from a multi-disciplinary team of experts in addiction disorders. Assessments
To develop a comprehensive treatment plan, individuals meet with a physician in-person for a medical evaluation and therapist via telemedicine for a clinical assessment. Medication Management
Medication Management
A licensed physician will prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone). Clients will meet with their physician every week or every 2 weeks to renew their prescription. Toxicology Screening
Toxicology Screening
Clients are obligated to monthly random drug screening. The Bright Heart Health staff will work with clients to ensure drug screening is completed. Therapy
Therapy is designed to provide the support one needs to assist in their recovery process. Individuals will meet with a primary therapist individually and attend group sessions via telemedicine. Sessions are approximately 60 minutes. Telepsychiatry
We offer mental health outpatient care to individuals with mood, personality, and other behavioral health diagnosis. Patients meet with providers in both individual Each patient is assigned a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who take a patient-centered approach to care. Drug Court Program
Drug Court Program
We accept referrals and will work with Drug Courts to provide convenient access to substance use disorder treatment. Services for Organizations Services for Individuals


“Using unique skills, years of experience, organizational qualities, and unwavering commitment built a successful Alumni Department and Family Program from the ground up—her ability to connect with and clinically treat, individuals and families living with Substance Use Disorders is unparalleled. Intellect, heart, experience, and skill, infused into every action, every moment.”
-Clinical Director
client “The therapist was easy to engage and build rapport with us; the treatment goals were individualized and addressed our specific needs—positive energy! This left a lasting impression. A true professional who guided with compassion, integrity, sense of humor and impeccable work ethic … showed up every day with the goal of ensuring everyone was treated with dignity and compassion and prepared to lead successful lives.”
-Drama Therapist
client “A fierce champion of goodwill! Unwavering ability to connect with individuals and families suffering from the disease of addiction who built a very close-knit family program component and quarterly family weekend retreat, naturally skilled at relating to others, especially those in need … a champion for recovery, and an ambassador for mankind. ”
-Behavioral Health Executive Director

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CRS was birthed from a relentless conviction to comfort the broken-hearted and provide hope of freedom for the multi-generational pain and loss of addiction. Read More

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We balance supply and demand of value based behavioral health and addiction interventions by providing accessible and quality behavioral health services.